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Here you are some interesting and useful material for you to practise, learn and enjoy with English. Let's take a look at these teaching/learning material:

The Holy Bible - Spanish and English

The Green Chalkboard brings to you the most extraordinary and beautiful book ever invented: The Holy Bible in Spanish and English language so that you can read the wonderful and beautiful events of Our Lord Jesus Christ who, with all His love and wisdom, gives us His message for life, happiness and Salvation. Hope you like it and read it !

Crossword Puzzles

If you are like me, who likes crossword puzzles to learn, you'd love this post. It consists in a seies of Crossword Puzzles about different topics to learn and practice English such as Vocabulary, Grammar and General Knowledge. You just have to type the words/letters to complete the puzzles and learn while having fun. They're totally free and have been especially designed for you only by teacher Christian Serrano. Hope you enjoy them.

• Past Simple Verbs
• Family Tree Vocabulary

Online CD-ROMs

One of my best post by far, bringing you the best material to study, practise and improve your English skills. Here you are five CD-ROMs taken from Total English Coursebooks and from FCE Gold Plus which you do not have to download or install in your computer, you just click the level you want to check and that's it. Amazing right? These CD-ROMs have a lot of nice exercises to practise the topics by levels, with full explanations and examples and answers to the exercises. They are really awesome... As usual, I really hope you take advantage of this wonderful material totally free and especially designed for you only by teacher Christian Serrano.

FCE Gold Plus Total English Upper-Intermediate Total English Intermediate Total English Pre-Intermediate Total English Elementary

Basic Workshops E-Book

After 5 years of having created a series of Workshops for Basic English students at ILUD, here I dare to publish this beautiful material which has been forgotten and not shared with students. Despite the problems I had with some people when I was making this material, finally it's here for you to practise, study and learn with this nice Basic Workshops E-Book with audios and answer key for the exercises included. Hope you like and can honestly study by yourselves.

English Verbs Games

After a long time of being so busy working and teaching, here I have compilated a series of four games I have found while surfing the web so that you can practise and improve Verbs vocabulary. Here you'll find an amazing Wheel Game about verbs in infinitive, past and continuous, a nice Memory Game with verbs in past and present, a Domino Game with verbs in past and present too and a Spelling game to write the verbs in the correct tense. As usual, I hope you enjoy and like it. Find more about Irregular Verbs here. This material has been especially designed for you only by teacher Christian Serrano.

My Book of Bible Stories

Have you ever seen or read this book ? Well, I have. This new post is about a book I remember I would read when I was a child and I got completely amazed with the stories ans morals from it. So, here it is for you to read and enjoy the beatuful message The Lord Jesus, our God has for us. Taken from the Real Holy Bible which you can also find CLICKING HERE. Hope you read and learn from this amazing material brought to you only by teacher Christian Serrano.

Final Tests Preparation

Ready for your Final Tests ? If you think you need more practice, here you are some beautiful and useful Quizes in Grammar (Some of them have listening too), which for sure will be really helpful for your English learning process. These Quizes have been made in Flash Player. So, if they don't work, remember to update the program. As usual, I hope you like, enjoy and learn with this

Wordreference - Online Dictionary

Here you can find lots of definitions, translations, phrasal verbs, idioms and more. Type the word you are searching for here or click on WORDREFERENCE.com to go to the main page.

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